November 5th, 2015

Mets expected to increase ticket prices for 2016

I’m not really surprised by this announcement. Honestly, tickets can only go up after a team rises from the dead for the first time in nine years. What I want to see change is the price of stadium concessions, and I want it to go down. I mean, why would I pay $7 dollars for a water at the game when I can get it for $1.50 at the corner Duane Reade? Of course, the obvious loophole is going to one of the bars located throughout the stadium and asking for tap water. Since it is illegal to sell tap water, the bars at the various stadium lounges have no choice but to give you some, but they don’t do it reluctantly, they give it to you with a smile, so I’m never bashful to ask for some.

Now, let me get back on track, after all, this article is about the prices of the game tickets.

According to, ticket prices are expected to increase by about three percent. While we could have someone come in and analyze how this could add up after buying tickets throughout the season, the truth is an $11 dollar ticket will probably go up to $12, as they never charge $11.34 or anything else with cents involved. And, if the $11 dollar ticket has to go up, it’ll go up to $12 dollars. Which is why I find the exact percentage of 2.86% released by Mets executive Paul DePodesta a bit phony. Either way, the slight uptick won’t put a dent in my cheap seats buying wallet, and to be honest, someone playing $100 for a premium seat probably won’t notice that the bill for a ticket is a few more bucks anyway, as the people who sit in premium seats generally tend to be more “wealthy”.

So, buy and large, this isn’t big news. I’m happy we have an exciting team to root for.

Yesterday’s News: Collins is extended, Alderson collapses, Uniforms and more

Hello readers, and welcome to the first offseason article on Yes, it’s the offseason.

So, here’s a quick recap of all of the early offseason buzz surrounding the Mets world without talking about the Cricket Games at Citi, or why we need to re-sign Cespedes.

Collins gets a Two-Year extension through 2017- Yay? I mean, Yay! I guess I have to give Collins credit for his impressive performance this season. But if it wasn’t for Sandy’s late July aggressiveness, I guarantee you Collins is looking for a job. Anyway, I’m happy for Terry, who finally got to taste the Postseason and then some. Not every manager gets to do that.

However, I’m not sure how much longer Collins wants to manage. I think he’s a nice guy, but he’s not a great in-game manager and his age shows during the game. He sounds so depressed after losses and has to take the blame for a lot of the miscues. I think he stays through 2016, then he leaves. Managerial contracts aren’t that “official” anyway.

GM collapses- Michael Baron of (a better blog than this place, check his site out) was standing two feet away from Mets general manager Terry Collins when he collapsed mid-presser due to the bright lights in the media room and the fact that he didn’t have any breakfast that morning. While I’m glad he’s OK, I imagine it was a scary moment. Lucky for him there is no video of his collapse. That was something that didn’t need to be released and wasn’t. Good job there.

Monday’s are no longer for the Military- It looks like the Camo jersey’s and caps are on their way out after two years as an official alternate uniform. Strangely enough, the Mets went 4-0 when they wore their Camouflage get-up. However, I’m very happy to see them go. While I’m always happy to support the military and think we should continue to do so on days like Memorial Day and July 4th, it was not a good idea for the regular Mets uniform rotation. It was a flop at the Mets shop, and it honestly looks ugly with the white pinstripe pants.

Extra tidbits: 

-The GM meetings take place in two weeks down in Boca Raton, Florida. The GM meetings is generally considered the beginning of the offseason signings wise.

– The Mets open the season next year with the same team they ended the season with this year, the Royals.