Thanks to some sloppy plays, the Mets are down to their final out

Ever have the feeling when someone has done so well at something, but then really screws up in a big situation, but you don’t complain because of their overall good-standing reputation? That’s my feeling towards Daniel Murphy. I don’t want to rant on him, because truth is without his performance in the NLDS and the NLCS, there is no chance we are in the World Series.

However, it’s no secret that Daniel Murphy really made a crucial error. If you didn’t watch the game, here is the play. You can judge for yourself:

So, that’s Daniel Murphy. If you are going to live with Murphy’s offense, you have to live with Murphy’s defense. However, it shouldn’t be overlooked that the handling of the bullpen was not on par. Colon was underused, Reed was good and he was taken out, and Clippard, an unpredictable player, was left in to put the base runners on.

Familia, who was available yesterday, was brought in way too late with the tying and go ahead runs on base. If I had to pinpoint one person to give the fault too, I would toss it to Collins. I don’t want to over analyze this game, as everyone knows what happened and what tomorrow’s game means.


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