And so it all comes down to Game 5

Just a few days ago, Citi Field was getting ready to host it’s first postseason since it opened in 2009. Now, the Mets “dream season” may be over as soon as tomorrow. The Dodgers had their backs against the wall yesterday, and the Mets had the champagne ready in the clubhouse, but the Mets could not take advantage of the free game, as Clayton Kershaw took care of business. His only mistake was a hanging pitch to Daniel Murphy, who promptly crushed one into the Honda Clubhouse.

So, the Mets take the long flight back to Los Angeles, with the season on the line. Also, while not important to the game, I would like to see the Mets get revenge from that Tejada / Utley debacle. Plus, it would be nice to win for that kid who got punched by a Los Angeles Dodgers fan in Game 1.

However, if the Mets are going to move on to the National League Championship Series, they are going to have to get pass Zack Grenkie, who is a frontrunner for the CY Young. Lucky for us, Jacob deGrom will be taking the mound. deGrom commanded the game in the series opener, and he has been good in high pressure situation. I hope that Game 5 is a win, but if it isn’t, it has been a great season. This has been a postseason that Mets fans will never forget, and let’s hope that there are more memories to be made.


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