Last Night is the Reason I waited Nine Years

                                                    The 7 Line Army out in full-force.

First off, my apologies from not posting yesterday, I was at the game and when the way-too-late game ended, it was almost the morning. I was at the Mets game last night sitting in section 105. If you’ve ever sat in 105, you know it is one of the strangest sections in Citi Field with lots of pros and cons. From the moment I walked in there I knew that it was going to be a <em>truly</em> magical night. The energy in the ballpark the first 5 innings was something I’ve never experienced before in Citi, or even at Shea. Now, I only went to games at Shea in 2004 or later, so I watched games at Shea during one depressing years, but also two good years, and while I wholeheartedly agreed that the noise at Shea just didn’t carry over to Citi, I think it surpassed it last night.

Sure, I bet the 1986 World Series was more electric than last night. One view of a play from that year on reply will tell you that, but last night was so fun, that I can’t wait to see what this place will sound like during a World Series, which is now only 5 wins away.

One of the most special moments of the night was when Ruben Tejada came out with Designer Teresa Taylor’s Met Baseball Cane .The place went absolutely crazy, with 44,000+ on their feet. Here’s the clip:


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