NLDS Game 1: Mets at Dodgers – 9:45pm

The New York Mets stroll into Dodger Stadium to commence the National League Divisional Series. The Mets did not earn home field advantage in the regular season which un-fortunately means that the Mets will have to face the Dodgers aces at their home, behind their fans.

Jacob deGrom will face Clayton Kershaw in the series opener. Kershaw has struggled in the postseason so far. In 6 Postseason series over his career, his era is 5.12. Including some failures during crucial do-or-die games versus St.Louis.

For deGrom, we’ve never really seen him in a uber-important game, but we have seen him in front of the bright lights. His biggest game pressure wise was probably the All-Star Game. While not an actual game, it is one of the highest watched sporting events of the year. The other big game he has pitched in was his major league debut, which was during the highly televised Subway Series. In both of those games, deGrom was utterly dominant.

Pitching wise, this will be a very tight game, it will be up to the batters to take advantage of mistakes that the young hurlers make. Here is today’s starting lineup:


RF Curtis Granderson
3B David Wright
CF Yoenis Cespedes
2B Daniel Murphy
Travis d’Arnaud
1B Lucas Duda
LF Michael Cuddyer
SS Ruben Tejada
SP Jacob deGrom


LF Carl Crawford
2B Howie Kendrick
SS Corey Seager
1B Adrian Gonzalez
3B Justin Turner
RF Andre Ethier
A.J. Ellis
CF Joc Pederson
SP Clayton Kershaw



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