The Mets lead is safe, but that shouldn’t excuse the Mets from what happened on Sunday

“Those days are gone. Pitchers aren’t meant to go deep.” – Ron Darling during Monday’s SNY telecast of Braves & Mets.

As all of you may know, Matt Harvey was pulled during the sunday night Subway Series matchup after the fifth inning with the Mets leading 1-0, after which the Mets bullpen blew the game wide open, which lead to a 11-2 Yankees victory. Harvey, who has taken the brunt of the “Boras” debacle for not telling the media that he wants to pitch in the postseason. He was insulted by the media, and Harvey took to the Players Tribune to try to win back the hearts of Mets fans.

On Sunday, after three disappointing performances, Harvey looked like the ace that he has the potential to be. However, Harvey was taken out of the game early to “preserve” his innings, which made me wonder why he was pitching at all? What good is it to have half a start, and go to a downright dreadful front-end off the bullpen, have them blow it, and lose the game? I would rather have Logan Verrett pitch 7 innings, take my chances and hope to hand the ball off to the back end. Then you can pitch Harvey a full game. That way you are preparing him for the postseason. Pitching someone 5 innings does not stretch them out for the postseason.

The Mets, Alderson, Boras, Collins and Harvey are to blame, and I’m not the only one that feels this way. Anyone with a connection to Harvey is to blame.

“I’m very disturbed” says Terry Collins. Then don’t take him out. You’re the manager. How about Alderson? He said Boras was pulling the rug underneath his feet, why is that happening if he is ten times above Boras? I’m very disturbed that the Mets management can’t tell Harvey that he’s going to pitch. It’s ridiculous, we are in a pennant chase for heavens sake.



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