I’m not worried. But I can’t help think about 2007.

I remember it well. Too well. Game 162 of 2007. The day after John Maine’s near no-hitter, a bench clearing brawl, and Lastings Milledge’s big day. It was a one o’clock start, and Tom Glavine was on the mound. I guess it was because I was so young, but I didn’t comprehend the magnitude of the collapse the Mets were about to complete.

I was very anxious about the game, and I was already playing out all the scenarios of what might happen. The day before, I purchased a “Mets Candle” from Modell’s or another similar sporting goods store. The game was one of the biggest let-downs of my entire childhood. In fact, that game was one of two Mets games I cried about post-game when I was a kid. The other game was the last game at Shea. More happy tears were shed in 2008, as it was a “goodbye” to Shea.

2007 was just such a disappointing year, so much so, that it has put a permanent reminder inside my head that no lead is safe until the you put the other team in a deep corner. If the Mets and Nationals both win 2 out of 3 this weekend, I will have no doubt in my mind that the Mets will be the NL East Champions.

But let’s say that didn’t happen. What would happen if the Mets got swept by a team that needs wins (Yankees) and the Nats sweep a overall poor team (Marlins), no matter how stubborn they are. That seems like a possibility. That would put us at 5 games up. Which means the Nationals would have three series (10 games) to gain two games in the standings, to be “in it” during the last series of the year. Sure, a lot of things would have to happen. Including the Nationals winning the last four head-to-head games which I didn’t even mention above, but still, until I can’t think of a crazy (but somewhat realistic) scenario that has the Nationals at the top in the end, I’m not raising the pennant. Let’s clinch, and let’s do it soon.


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