September 15th, 2015

The Mets are going to clinch. But when?

While the fact that the Mets can clinch in a few series is very cool, we can’t help but project when that might happen. It’s no secret that the Mets would love to clinch at home. It’s extremely unlikely that they are going to clinch in the final home stand, which consists of only one series, versus the Nationals. There is little to no chance of us dropping our lead to 3 games and putting our division lead in jeopardy. I also don’t believe that the Mets are going to clinch in Philadelphia, a 9.5 game lead is to big for the second to last series. The last series to chop off is the Yankees series, which would only happen if everything the Mets would want to happen (they win every game and the Nats drop the next few) happened.

This leaves two possible series: The Braves series at home next week, or the Reds series in Cincinnati next weekend. It’s extremely possible that we clinch next week versus the Braves, and I really want this to happen. While it is meaningless in the standings and in the postseason, it’s something the fan base deserves. Of course, they wouldn’t be furious if it happened on the road, but it wouldn’t be as magical.