The Mets are going to win the National League East in 2015, and that is so amazing.

This year’s postseason logo brings back the “pennants” from 2013.

The Mets have a 9.5 game lead on September 13th. You don’t know how long I’ve waited to say that to anyone. It’s so fun to hear professional analysts predict the Mets as National League Champions. This is the year we’ve all been waiting for, all of the struggles and pitiful seasons over.

I really have nothing to talk about. Nothing to criticize, nothing to complain about. Everything about this team is great, and know I can sit back, relax and witness the best season I can remember.

However, this is a blog, and I don’t blog to tell you how relaxing it is watching this team is. I blog to express my opinion, as do all the other writers and bloggers in the world.

But not today. Today is a day to relax and enjoy the game. There will be other days to scream at Harvey, criticize Alderson and congratulate Cespedes. Today is a day to enjoy the first place Mets. And it’s thrilling to say that.


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