September 9th, 2015

The Cespedes impact

A 307 batting average, 13 home runs, and 34 runs batted in. Seems like a good season. David Wright would love season numbers like this. Then again, who wouldn’t? Sure, the runs batted in are a little low, but a 307 average and 13 home runs isn’t something to be laughed at. So whose numbers are those?

Cespedes…. in ONE MONTH.

I read a great article on Mets Merized Online before Cespedes’ three home run game in Colorado saying that while Cespedes’ presence in the lineup gives them leadership, he has yet to take off. Ever since that article, Yoenis has taken off.

However, it’s not just Cespedes who took off when he arrived. The whole ball club did. Flores hit the walk off, we swept Washington and we didn’t look back. Tonight, on September 9th, we are looking to expand our lead to 7 games, and drop the “Magic Number” to 17.

So I thank you Cespedes, and your leadership that no one else ever signed by the Mets has brought. LETS GO METS.