Rare Baseball: The Inside the Park Home Run

The inside the park home run is one of my favorite plays that can occur in a baseball game. It can be super exciting, and frankly it can be super boring.

The “inside the parker” usually occurs in one of two scenarios. The first one, or the more exciting one, is when the ball is hit in the gap, deflects oddly of the wall or off the fielder, and he has to go run and get it, allowing the hitter time to run around the bases. This occurred in Marlon Anderson’s inside the park home run in 2005, a game that was won the next inning by a Cliff Floyd home run. Here is the clip:

On Wednesday, we saw the inside the park home run variation with less suspense. It’s when a batter hits a ball to a corner outfielder, he gets injured, and by the time another fielder retrieves the ball, the hitter scores. This happened to Ruben Tejada, here is the video:

Either way, it’s a 450 foot shot in the paper the next day, as Keith Hernandez often says.



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