This Mets team is good. So why is management being hesitant?

As some of you may know, I’ve been a Mets fan since 2006. I’ve been able to remember every game since 2008, and I’ve been writing here since 2013.

This is by far the best season I can remember. And I’m not the only one who has this mindset. The park is packed every single night, fans are energized, they are anxious to purchase tickets, and to see the game. The Mets are expected to win, and it’s great.

So why is management hesitant?

The Mets have the best starting pitching in the National League. I can guarantee that. Yes, the Dodgers and the Nationals have formidable arms, but the Mets depth throughout the rotation makes our guys superior. The Mets bats are also pretty good. Cespedes, Murphy, Wright, d’Arnaud, Granderson and Duda are not below average hitters, but a few of those sluggers are set to become free agents after the season.

Most notably the power bat of Yoenis Cespedes, the consistency of Daniel Murphy, the leadership of Juan Uribe, the production of Kelly Johnson and even the speed of Eric Young Jr.

So why is management hesitant?

While I’m comfortable with a 5.5 game lead, I can’t help but feel that the starting pitching isn’t going at full throttle. Everyone is worried about skipping pitchers, pitch-counts and general over-use. As I mentioned above, the Mets are only going to get worse next year, not better, so what are we resting are arms for? A season with a weaker roster?

So why is management hesitant?

This isn’t the time to complain about this, as overall I’m very happy with the outcome (so far) of the season, but these pitcher restrictions worry me. Lets hope Sandy takes the chains off his young arms necks during the postseason….


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