September 2015

Matthew Cerrone on the I’d Just as soon Kiss a Mookie podcast

If you haven’t listened already, Shannon Shark and Jason Fry do this really cool podcast on a weekly basis, which lately has included a cool special guest, including Kevin Burkhardt and Michael Baron.

Anyway, here is a link to this week’s podcast with Matthew Cerrone of MetsBlog as the guest.

Click here to be re-directed to, where you can isten to the podcast.

Mets 2015 #THIS Postseason Commercial

A memoir on September 26th 2015

 September 26th 2015. One of the most special days that I can remember!  It started out with a 6:00am wakeup call, and a 6:25 Metro North train ride. Upon arrival at Grand Central, my parents and I quickly took two subways to Penn Station, and hopped on the NJ Transit to Newark Airport. It was there that I got a United flight to Indianapolis, and my Cincinnati journey  began.

I had found a sub-200 dollar rate yesterday for a flight, and being that I was too young to remember 2006, I considered this a once in a lifetime experience, so we decided to go for it. The flight left around at around 9:40am, and arrived at around 11. We landed in Indianapolis, grabbed a Hertz, and quickly drove to Cincinnati. Upon arrival, I made a poster that I bought from a Family Dollar back in Indianapolis.


(My apologies for the sideways photos). We arrived at the beautiful Great American Ballpark at around 3:50, and took our seats at around 4. They gave out a bobblehead, and it looked pretty cool. The Mets started strong with a grand slam by Lucas Duda, and a solo shot by Curtis Granderson. And while Matt Harvey was roughed up somewhat, he looked strong, and they let him go fairly deep.

Then, as the Reds fans started to dis-appear, a few Mets fans started to head down to the field level behind the Mets dugout for the special moment. A Lets Go Mets chant broke out when David Wright came to bat, and when he hit the ball over the centerfield fence, I realized that we were going to be NL East Champs.


While I wanted to go down there with the over 300 group of Mets fans, I decided to stay up in the middle deck, just in-case I went down there only to find out that we can’t enter, be forced to go back upstairs,and inadvertently miss the celebration. During the final at bat of the game, Jay Bruce hit a foul ball to make the count 1-2. While this was meaningless for most it just happened to be the first ball I ever caught in a Major League Baseball game but most importantly the last ball that went out of the field (albeit not a home run) in the game the Mets clinched the division.A truly special memento if one considers that it was also the penultimate pitch of Jeurys Familia who for me is the Mets players MVP of the year.


(Again, somewhat blurry and sideways, my apologies) While everyone was patting me on the back, I was 100% focused on Familia, and the magical moment that was about to  un-fold. A low pitch that Jay Bruce swung right through, and Travis d’Arnaud racing out to Jeryus Familia, with the Mets piling out of the dugout. It wasn’t a crazy scene, because as Howie Rose said, they were waiting for the clubhouse to go crazy. It almost felt like the Mets didn’t know how to celebrate, but honestly  I was just so happy that we had won.

It was at that moment that I decided to run down to the field level to celebrate with the Mets. When I got down there, I saw the Mets coming up the dugout steps. I saw Murphy playing with his toddler, Noah. I saw Collins celebrate with his family and team popping the celebratory champagne, and I even saw them pose for a messy team photo:


I wasn’t so happy with the shirt that they were wearing in the moment, but in the 15 hours that I’ve been looking at it, it has grown on me. Either way, The7Line’s designs are much nicer, which you can find on his website, I already ordered a shirt and a hoodie.

My favorite photo that I took came from my mother of me holding up my “NL East Champs” poster while the Mets were celebrating on the field. I’ll leave you with that photo:


VIDEO: Mets clinch 2015 NL East Title

Must Watch: “Right Now” 2015 Mets Pump-Up

With the Nationals loss, the Mets can decrease their magic number to 3. Steven Matz is on the hill. You can watch live on SNY or listen in on WOR.

The Mets lead is safe, but that shouldn’t excuse the Mets from what happened on Sunday

“Those days are gone. Pitchers aren’t meant to go deep.” – Ron Darling during Monday’s SNY telecast of Braves & Mets.

As all of you may know, Matt Harvey was pulled during the sunday night Subway Series matchup after the fifth inning with the Mets leading 1-0, after which the Mets bullpen blew the game wide open, which lead to a 11-2 Yankees victory. Harvey, who has taken the brunt of the “Boras” debacle for not telling the media that he wants to pitch in the postseason. He was insulted by the media, and Harvey took to the Players Tribune to try to win back the hearts of Mets fans.

On Sunday, after three disappointing performances, Harvey looked like the ace that he has the potential to be. However, Harvey was taken out of the game early to “preserve” his innings, which made me wonder why he was pitching at all? What good is it to have half a start, and go to a downright dreadful front-end off the bullpen, have them blow it, and lose the game? I would rather have Logan Verrett pitch 7 innings, take my chances and hope to hand the ball off to the back end. Then you can pitch Harvey a full game. That way you are preparing him for the postseason. Pitching someone 5 innings does not stretch them out for the postseason.

The Mets, Alderson, Boras, Collins and Harvey are to blame, and I’m not the only one that feels this way. Anyone with a connection to Harvey is to blame.

“I’m very disturbed” says Terry Collins. Then don’t take him out. You’re the manager. How about Alderson? He said Boras was pulling the rug underneath his feet, why is that happening if he is ten times above Boras? I’m very disturbed that the Mets management can’t tell Harvey that he’s going to pitch. It’s ridiculous, we are in a pennant chase for heavens sake.


@Mets Lineups for 9/21

The Mets pitching better be there in the postseason

deGrom hasn’t been good lately. Neither has Harvey, or Syndergaard. Even Matz hasn’t been “spectacular”. And the other guys? Niese and Colon? Consistently inconsistent. And, to make matters worse, every critic wants to shut down the young guys. Buy and large, the Mets pitching staff is not having it’s most impressive month, but maybe that’s not so bad. Every rotation goes through it’s rough patches, and this is really the first long one of the season. After all, the NL East title is in th bag, and we are a few days away from tying the knot.

So, the big question is, will the arms show up when the lights shine bright in October? If the Mets are facing the Dodgers in the NLDS, and I’m 85% percent sure they will be, the rotation must show up. If Clayton Kershaw and Zack Grenkie are pitching game one and two, then Jacob deGrom and Matt Harvey have to pitching game one and two.

While this all sounds fine, I’m seriously worried Collins is going to start Colon or Niese during game 1, only because of their “veteran” status. Now, I’m not going to complain about this because we haven’t even clinched a postseason berth yet, but something inside me thinks I’ll be questioning Collins game one starter decision real soon…..

I’m not worried. But I can’t help think about 2007.

I remember it well. Too well. Game 162 of 2007. The day after John Maine’s near no-hitter, a bench clearing brawl, and Lastings Milledge’s big day. It was a one o’clock start, and Tom Glavine was on the mound. I guess it was because I was so young, but I didn’t comprehend the magnitude of the collapse the Mets were about to complete.

I was very anxious about the game, and I was already playing out all the scenarios of what might happen. The day before, I purchased a “Mets Candle” from Modell’s or another similar sporting goods store. The game was one of the biggest let-downs of my entire childhood. In fact, that game was one of two Mets games I cried about post-game when I was a kid. The other game was the last game at Shea. More happy tears were shed in 2008, as it was a “goodbye” to Shea.

2007 was just such a disappointing year, so much so, that it has put a permanent reminder inside my head that no lead is safe until the you put the other team in a deep corner. If the Mets and Nationals both win 2 out of 3 this weekend, I will have no doubt in my mind that the Mets will be the NL East Champions.

But let’s say that didn’t happen. What would happen if the Mets got swept by a team that needs wins (Yankees) and the Nats sweep a overall poor team (Marlins), no matter how stubborn they are. That seems like a possibility. That would put us at 5 games up. Which means the Nationals would have three series (10 games) to gain two games in the standings, to be “in it” during the last series of the year. Sure, a lot of things would have to happen. Including the Nationals winning the last four head-to-head games which I didn’t even mention above, but still, until I can’t think of a crazy (but somewhat realistic) scenario that has the Nationals at the top in the end, I’m not raising the pennant. Let’s clinch, and let’s do it soon.

The Mets are going to clinch. But when?

While the fact that the Mets can clinch in a few series is very cool, we can’t help but project when that might happen. It’s no secret that the Mets would love to clinch at home. It’s extremely unlikely that they are going to clinch in the final home stand, which consists of only one series, versus the Nationals. There is little to no chance of us dropping our lead to 3 games and putting our division lead in jeopardy. I also don’t believe that the Mets are going to clinch in Philadelphia, a 9.5 game lead is to big for the second to last series. The last series to chop off is the Yankees series, which would only happen if everything the Mets would want to happen (they win every game and the Nats drop the next few) happened.

This leaves two possible series: The Braves series at home next week, or the Reds series in Cincinnati next weekend. It’s extremely possible that we clinch next week versus the Braves, and I really want this to happen. While it is meaningless in the standings and in the postseason, it’s something the fan base deserves. Of course, they wouldn’t be furious if it happened on the road, but it wouldn’t be as magical.