Could the Mets benefit from picking up Eric Young Jr?


Earlier this summer, Eric Young Jr. was released by the Atlanta Braves, and was deemed a free agent. He still has not signed with a team, and he would probably be available for less than 250,000.

Here’s the question: Would it make sense for the Mets to consider re-signing Eric Young?

In my eyes, I wouldn’t hesitate. Eric Young would instantly become the fastest player on the Mets, and he would be able to come in and pinch run.

He is the Reds Billy Hamilton and the Royals Jared Dyson. He’s a player that every playoff team needs one of.

On Friday, with d’Arnaud at second base, the Mets were hoping to find someone to pinch-run for the slow-footed catcher. Unfortunately, all of our bench players aren’t much more speedy than d’Arnaud is, and the Mets weren’t able to score. Insert Eric Young, and he’d be able to steel a base and be put in prime scoring position. In a regular season game, the above scenario doesn’t raise alarms, but in the postseason, you would like to capitalize on that situation.

At the very least Eric Young should be on the Mets radar, because his speed alone could improve your record by 2-3 games, and we haven’t even touched his other attributes, like his overall energy.


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