MetsPlus FAQ for Aug 6th 2015

– Will the Mets be receiving any more help off the waiver trade market?
No, I don’t think so. I believe that yesterday’s trade was the final one for the Mets this year.

– Will we see any more prospects come up?                                                                                                                                      I hope so, I would love to see Steven Matz again, and maybe catch a glimpse of Brandon Nimmo.

– What can we expect out of David Wright when he returns?                                                                                               Probably not much more than Michael Cuddyer can give us. He is a older player that has to be cautious when making plays. Lets just say 2008 David Wright probably won’t show up.

– Will Jacob deGrom or Matt Harvey get shutdown?
Of course they could, but if the Mets want to win anything they absolutely shouldn’t, plus Terry Collins assured us this won’t happen.

– Who should be a bigger priority to re-sign: Murph or Cespedes?                                                                                          When the offseason comes around, I’ll think about that, at first glance, it would be Cespedes. 



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