If you ask the Mets to change their scoreboard, it will happen.

Earlier this year, I was noticeably upset with the Mets scoreboard changes, especially after the addition of a larger CF board, a new line board in left, and a K Board.

I wrote this post in April, complaining about the Mets scoreboard configuration, and I’m happy to report, they have fixed the issues (for the most part).

I wasn’t happy that there was no place on the boards to review the lineups prior to the game. The center field scoreboard usually showed a SNY Mets show, like Mets Insider or Kids Clubhouse, and the right field board just showed the Citi Field logo, or that day’s occasions logo (like Opening Day or Jackie Robinson Day).


We all know it’s opening day, but who is batting for the Phillies? While this is minor for most, the pre-game lineups are shown in every ballpark, and I would rather glance up at a lineup than look at a rotating Citi Field logo. Well, the Mets listened.


I also complained about not being able to see any batting statistics after two at-bats by a hitter. That changed in May. Here are the before and after photos.



Another complaint was not being able to see the score in the middle of innings and how they were wasting the right field scoreboard on pitcher statistics, with no score, hitting statistics, or a fun fact. In all other incarnations of the RF scoreboard, we’ve had pitcher statistics along with lineups, the score, and advanced hitting stats. The Mets, met us in the middle, and did make a improvement. Behold the before and after:



My final complaint was the most important, and it was the biggest mistake the guys that designed this scoreboard made, not having the score anywhere once the game ended. All the boards switch to celebratory images like “Party City Mets Win” which is ok, but the score was no where to be found. I could see all the other scores in the out of town scoreboard except the Mets. Thank god they corrected this immediately.


Anything else I need to request? Maybe the current time, it’s not on any line boards in left field, and it’s not on the CF or the RF boards anymore. Also, I bet the folks at Mets Police would like a different 8th inning song…

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