July 28th, 2015

Pieces of a puzzle

This article written yesterday on “JPWNsports” talks about the Mets offense, and how it could be improved. He explains why the front office is doing it’s “due diligence”. Interesting opinions…. Read the whole article below.


The Mets are a winning team. After late June swoon where they managed to dip one game under .500, the Mets have managed to float above the water since, and currently sport a 51-48 record. The front office has recently made moves that could pay dividends, such as calling up Michael Conforto (coincidentally called up the same day I posted about making a case not to) and adding Kelly Johnson and Juan Uribe through trades. The front office is doing its due diligence.

Here’s the thing – the world knows about the pieces we need. What about the pieces we already have? What about the in-house future, rather than the future as a whole? The young stud arms in the rotation aren’t going anywhere, and they’re tied until 2018 at the very least. Bullpen arms used to be a problem, but now they’re locked and loaded.

The bats however, are…

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Old News in Baseball, No. 13

John Thorn from his “Our Game” blog talks about the Hall of Fame and gives us a brief history lesson. I enjoyed this post, and thought I should share it with you:

Our Game

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As we near Induction Weekend at the Baseball Hall of Fame, this week’s Old News column, while referencing many whose plaques adorn the gallery in Cooperstown, focuses on the game’s lesser lights. It is men like Joe Borden and Victory Faust and Hank Borowy and John Blanchard who provide a special pleasure of recollection, for their brief entries into baseball lore are what oldtimers like myself love to share with a newer generation of fans. Who would believe the circumstances of even a relatively recent event like the Pine Tar Game if it had not provided such a flash of theatrics and lingering controversy? These, by the way, are lovingly recounted in Filip Bondy’s new book titled, unsurprisingly, The Pine Tar Game, published this week by Scribner.

July 24

1911: An American League all-star team plays a benefit game against the Naps in Cleveland‚ raising $12‚914 for the late Addie…

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