So Conforto is here, now what?

Mets 2014 First-round draft pick Michael Conforto has been promoted to the major leagues straight out of AA Binghamton, GM Sandy Alderson says this is to appease the fans, and that it will improve the offense.

While both of the above statements are true, this is not why Conforto was promoted. To me, Conforto was promoted because the Mets offense includes a cleanup hitter hitting under 150, and because Michael Cuddyer can’t play a full game without feeling stiff in his knee, and Eric Campbell and his 175 average cannot play everyday in left field. But here is where things get interesting, the Mets make a statement by promoting Conforto, but what else? Michael Conforto will not be able to save the Mets alone, but what should the Mets do?

Michael Baron of suggested here that the Mets may shift the focus of upgrading away from the outfield, which makes sense, because we have a surplus of outfielders under contract. The problem is, I don’t want to upgrade the infield because if David Wright returns, then we will have five quality infielders, but until then, and with Duda slumping, the infield looks like it is in disarray. This makes David Wright’s status a real Catch 21, one that the Mets staff have been contemplating non-stop.


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