Mets attendance is up in 2015

Overall attendance is up this year, 2015, for the New York Mets. Home games are averaging 29,284 fans per game at Citi Field this year, which is up by about a thousand fans compared to last year. While it is good that the Mets have an attendance increase, 29,284 (which is 17th in baseball) is not enough for a New York based franchise. The Mets should be in the top 33% percent every single year, with successful years being in the top 10% percent. This was the case in Shea Stadium, but it hasn’t translated over to Citi Field, which is disappointing. I hope that the Mets to get the attendance up further as they conclude the 2015 season.

One thing is for sure, a successful team is the best way to increase ticket sales, not promotions, not concerts, not lower ticket prices, a good roster is what brings in the dough.


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