Mets 2015 Mid-season report

The Mets season restarts on Friday night. The Mets currently hold an impressive 47-42 record, and are only two games back in the division and a mere game behind the Chicago Cubs for the second wild-card. The good news is that both are completely manageable, but the Mets front office staff is going to have to make a big move that enhances the teams offense, but that is old news, everyone knows that. I believe that the Steven Matz’s injury impacts the way the Mets attack the trade market. The only pick-up that the Mets should make would be available through the free agent pool, because if the Mets get to the post-season, they need  Harvey, deGrom and Synndergaard. If Matz is back, that is an added bonus. The Mets cannot give up any elite pitching for a bat that will act as short-term relief. Because of this, it is in the Mets best interest not to make a huge move.

The Mets have a tough schedule coming up, including series against the Dodgers, Nationals and the Cardinals. It will be very interesting to see how the Mets play in the coming weeks. If the Mets are in the relative hunt come Labor Day, the Mets have a shot at making into the postseason, but staying in the hard part is going to be the challenge.


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