I’ll be heading off to Omaha for the Triple-A All-Star Game

While the MLB stars congregate in Cincinnati, Ohio for the 2015 MLB All-Star Game, I’m heading to see the best that aren’t in the bigs. It’s the Triple-A All Star Game, and this year, it is in Omaha, Nebraska. I’m really excited to be heading out to Omaha, as it has been an annual tradition since 2011 for my family. The only year we didn’t go to the Triple-A All Star Game was in 2013, when the Mets hosted the MLB All-Star Game. I won’t be going with press credentials, like I have to other minor league games, which means no interviews or inside access, but sometimes it’s best to enjoy the game, after all, that is what all-star games are all about.

The Home Run Derby is on July 13th, and the All-Star Game is on July 15th (which you can watch on MLB Network). You can get live tweets from me on Twitter @NikoMetsPlus


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