What will this team be remembered as?

Since I have become a Mets fan, I have never witnessed a stranger baseball season. I’m not the only one that has the same perspective. The Mets consume a huge portion of our lives, and the promises that they have given us seem to have fallen through. I’m extremely worried about this Mets team, not only now, but for the future. Think about it, what will this team, this era, be remembered as to future Mets fans? I’m extremely worried it’s going to be remembered as the “wasted” era. A time when the Mets had amazing chances to make it to the postseason, but their lack of front office aggressiveness plagued them, and when their pitching core left through free agency, it took them various years trying to build up a new core.

This is very unrealistic, but it is a fear that many Mets fans worry about day and night. I think that if anything, this team will be remembered as the team that had a huge chance to make it to the postseason, but were plagued by an inconclusive GM, and an owner that is frankly hard to defend when people call him cheap. Nevertheless, the Mets fans will continue to go to Mets games, watch the fireworks, buy the food, wait in the line for expensive merchandise, and the Mets will re-pay you with the same thing they have since Citi Field opened, a season that lacks a key element, something that can be obtained, if not for a front office staff that refuses to take a chance.

As I said earlier, this year is completely different, and the team knows it, the fan-base is down to their last straw, the Mets are trying to find a last-ditch effort that probably wouldn’t pan out even if they found one. If this team fails, the 2016 Mets will be coached by an entirely different staff. Mets fans are extremely smart, they were right and now they have put the Mets staff in a tight corner. I don’t care how nice of a guy Terry and Sandy are, they have taken this franchise and toyed around with it, and if this anemic team continues to fall (and there is nothing coming around the corner to make it better), then we should be days away from the end of the Collins era. Then again, we should be buyers, not stand-patters, we should be putting our best lineup out there every single day, we should be aggressive in the trade market, and take risks. The Mets fans are starting to call-out the Mets when they through us garbage reports, like Syndergaard moving to the bullpen.

This is not make it or break it time for the Mets, that was June. July is when we actually see this franchise as who they truly are. The fan-base has heard every excuse in the book, and there are no more to give. It’s time for a lot of things, most of which, I cannot identify.


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