Who is to blame for the Mets downfall?

The Mets are on the verge of dropping below 500 for the first time since April 12th. This downward spiral started when Jacob deGrom took the mound against the Yankees, and the 13-3 Mets slowly got worse. They slowly got closer and closer to 500, and tomorrow, they might have the same amount of losses and wins.

The difference with this Mets team compared to Mets teams prior is the opportunity that the Mets were presented with. The team had the best record in Major League Baseball, and had arguably the best starting pitching, and great closer, and hitting that was “one bat away” from good postseason contention. Now that the Mets have started to spiral out of control, I like see what the credible guys think about the Mets season, and who they stick the blame to.

Above is a tweet from SNY’s Robert Brender, who says the Mets are void of their top 2-3 players. Wright is defiantly there, but one injury is nothing for a team, a team should be able to bounce back from 2-3 injuries. Now, Robert says that the team is void of their top 3 players. In no specific order, here are (what I think) the Mets most important players. Familia, deGrom, Harvey, Duda, Murphy, Wright, Cuddyer, Lagares and Granderson. Note that of the above, Wright is the only one that has missed a substantial portion of the season. The injuries have all come from our bench, upper bullpen, and other areas that don’t get spotlight. The problem is the Mets roster is so thin right now. There is no one else that can come up from Triple-A. There is no veteran on the bench, or someone who you can rely on to come in and get a base hit. There was something truly un-familiar when the Blue Jays were sending up pinch-hitters whose batting averages were in the 275-300 range. In 2008, we had reliable back-ups like Damion Easley, Ramon Castro and Fernando Tatis among others, bench players that were a threat. These days, a good bench player is hitting 190 for the Mets!

There is so much frustration that the average Mets fan is enduring in a day in and day out basis. There are a lot of holes that Mets front office management has to fix, including spending. There is no way that Eric Campbell, as nice of a human being he is, is the Mets starting third baseman. The Mets give us rumors, predictions and insight that never pans out, and their credibility is starting to become very thin. The Mets need to make changes today.

One Reply to “Who is to blame for the Mets downfall?”

  1. G-man says:

    Right on Niko!


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