Akeel Morris promoted from Single A St.Lucie


Here is something I didn’t expect to happen. Akeel Morris, a key reliever for the Single A St.Lucie Mets has been promoted to the big club. Morris was having a good year in Single A sporting a 1.69 ERA, the only problem is, that was to hitters three levels below MLB hitters, and to be frank, demoting someone and shaking up the roster after a huge win might not be the best move, unless a trade involving a Dillon Gee type player is imminent.

Niko GoutakolisSo, my guess is that Dillon Gee is getting demoted, only because he is the only one that is really hurting the team enough to make the call to a Single A player. Then again, it could be Robles, as his ERA, is way too high (6.08), and he blew a save yesterday. And, of course, the wild possibility of a trade is in play. If I had to place my money on one of the above, it would be Gee getting sent down, especially after today’s 8-run performance.


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