Who is deAce?

Jacob deGrom and Matt Harvey. Two completely different personalities one team. Competing for a completely irrelevant phrase that holds so much significance. Matt Harvey is Mr.Spotlight, he is the guy that likes the lights to be turned on, 40,000 people chanting his name, and has little vulnerability to the word “nervous”. The latter can be said for Jacob deGrom as well, the 2014 NL Rookie of the Year, and his cool and collected nature is what drives him for success. Both have had rough patches this year, and both have ridden a high wave, but only one can be the Mets “Ace”. Niko Goutakolis : For this evaluation, I would like to put statistics aside. I’m not against them, but I don’t believe it defines an ace, it just tells us the candidates. Harvey is probably viewed as the ace by the majority of the Mets fan base. But is he really? In 2012, Harvey wasn’t anything special, and while his 2013 was great, is that enough to grant him “ace” status? deGrom has been reliable throughout his short-lived career. His demeanor sets the tone for the Mets. He is extremely reliable and he is a guy you would throw out there for a one-game playoff. Thus, deGrom is the “ace”. 


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