Murphy on the disabled list with a quad injury; Muno re-called from AAA

Daniel Murphy had been one of the Mets most consistent hitters after his dreadful start. After yesterday’s one for two performance, he got his average up to 283. Unfortunately, the Mets injured players club just had to admit one more, key player to it’s list. It was Daniel Murphy, who is on the Disabled List with an injured quad. The good news is that Murphy is expected to return after the fifteen days conclude, however, as all Mets fans know, these injuries always tend to linger.

Niko Goutakolis This is a big blow for the Mets, who really were relying on Murphy this season. While he is not a clubhouse leader, he has always been one of the Mets most consistent hitters, and he will be missed. Here is my question, why is Muno the replacement? This seems like the perfect opportunity to promote Matt Reynolds, but I guess the fact that Reynolds is not on the 40-man roster prohibits that.


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