I wonder who will represent the New York Mets in this years MLB All-Star game. The voting is pretty dead when it comes to the Mets, with David Wright (who probably wouldn’t attend even if he got a huge vote spike). The only Met position player that might be deserving of the vote would be Daniel Murphy, but only as a reserve to Dee Gordon, but something tells me he won’t get in the All-Star Game, as he got in last year as a coaches pick, and there are too many second baseman that excel in that situation. Plus, Murphy hasn’t been amazing. 280+ is good, but not All-Star worthy. Especially if hitting is his bread and butter.

Of course, Lucas Duda is also worthy, but he is getting absolutely zero poll support. He could potentially get picked as a player or a coach vote.

Niko Goutakolis: I’m pretty sure a pitcher will be representing the Mets. It may be deGrom, it may be Familia, but it will not be both. This will be the year a Mets player is tagged on to the roster just because they have to have at least one representative from each roster. My gut feeling is that it will be Familia.


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