What’s wrong with Pops?

Anyone is happy with the Mets offense right now obviously hasn’t been watching a lot of games. The Mets offense is very streaky, one day, they will all bust out and hit multiple round-trippers and a few doubles, and make everyone satisfied, and the next day, well, they can’t get the ball out of the infield.

All of the Mets have had their strong periods this year. Murphy had his this month, Duda pretty much all year, Flores lately, Lagares was good all of April and has quietly entered a small slump, and Grandy has been hitting a good amount of home runs. The only player that really hasn’t caught fire in any stretch this year is Michael “Pops” Cuddyer.  I’m not saying a 262 batting average is terrible, but it is not exactly the production that we expected to get out of him. Five home runs is pretty low for June, and when the weather gets warmer, the humidity might catch up to him.

Cuddyer has also shown signs of age, which is why I call him “Pops”, and while I’ll be the first to tell you it’s unfair to call him that, I hope he plays for the 8.5 Million dollars we gave him this year, especially with the absence of David Wright in the lineup.

One Reply to “What’s wrong with Pops?”

  1. G-man says:

    That’s the story with “Pops” more or less


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