Five Coincidences that the Mets have faced in the past few seasons

The Mets have had a few unusual trends in their schedules the last few years. If you have any to add, feel free to add it in the comments section.

1) Day Off After Opening Day – This is very minor, but it annoys me, probably because I always want to watch a lot of baseball during Opening Day. Can this change? Please?

2) Colorado in April; Cincinnati in September – Even though the former isn’t true this year, it has been the case since the Shea Stadium days. We have also faced the Reds in September the last three years in September. This is total coincidence, I don’t know how this happens.

3) A very odd home stand to close out the year- Since 2007, the Mets have only finished the season on the road once, in 2012. Also, since 2013, we have had a closing weekend home stand after being on the road. This oddity continues this year.

4) Memorial Day is a home game- Haven’t you noticed that your always buying a different home uniform for Memorial Day?

5) How many games the Mets Play in a season- 162, though some say that could change in the not to distant future!


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