Mets continue to sink…. fast.

When the Pirates hit a homerun. their phrase is “Clear the Deck…. Cannonball coming”. After being swept by the Pirates, and falling to 2.5 games behind the Nats, maybe the Mets should listen to that phrase.


When teams collapse, I use the three strikes method. The Mets first strike came when they choked the NL East lead, they officially got it when they left Chicago. The Mets now have two strikes, after three straight blow outs, and losses in five out of the Mets last six games. Today’s game in Pittsburgh gave them that strike, it was poorly played down to the last drop, and every time the Mets had something going, the subsequent batters struck out. Literally, the all struck out. The Mets continue to hear bad news on David Wright, and they now have minor injuries to Juan Lagares and Lucas Duda. The Mets management also continues to make minor changes to their roster that will do nothing in the long run, like today, the Mets made a meaningless move. They demoted Johnny Monell in exchange for Danny Muno. Tejada will be playing third, and Michael “Pops” Cuddyer cannot hit for his life. This is one of the most frustrating  phases the Mets have been in since Shea, all thanks to the glimpse of success that the Mets were given. There are way too many injuries for this team to compete, and now the players are getting upset. After Matt Harvey was upset that the Mets wanted to use a 6-man rotation, the Mets decided to keep Dillon Gee in Binghamton, and he is upset that the Mets are “wasting his bullets”. Harvey is not the coach, why doesn’t he take a seat? This team is way to injured, poorly coached, and upset to compete, let alone win…… Despicable


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