My thoughts & Michael Baron’s Takeaways from the Mets 6-5 loss to the Cubs on Thursday… via

I like Terry Collins, he is a very nice guy, and I can see him being a players friend in the clubhouse. However, this week was simply un-acceptable for the Mets. They bairly salvage two out of three in Philly, and they head to Chicago, with deGrom, Thor and Harvey scheduled to pitch. All three of them had what I consider to be a quality start, and they all left their team in the game. Even if it’s the hitters that are struggling, the coaches have to take the blame eventually. I’m not going to go out there and scream “Fire Terry”, but I wouldn’t be upset if the Mets swap him out in the not to distant future. Collins has made some questionable calls and the hitting has been horrible. Recker had two home runs today, and Mayberry hit a ball up the middle. Good for them, but they are reserve players both hitting way under 200. Let’s face it, this team was not that “amazing” when they were on par, and with the injuries, they have become even worse. I believe cutting some of the slumping hitters and **maybe** a coaching change of some sort wouldn’t be a bad thing at all.

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Jorge Soler, Anthony Recker

The Mets were swept out of Chicago on Thursday afternoon, dropping their fourth in a row to the Cubs by the score of 6-5. Here are my takeaways from this loss…

BaronTale of two games for the Mets.

Everything was fine until the bottom of the fifth inning. They even got some production out of John Mayberry Jr. who drove in two runs with a single to center field in the fifth inning, and two home runs from Anthony Recker through the fifth as well.

But the game came crashing down on the Mets, thanks in part to Niese becoming ineffective in the fifth and a throwing error from Wilmer Flores which clearly derailed him. In the end, that error contributed to two unearned runs, and helped the Mets wash away a four run lead in the blink of an eye.

It was an ugly inning for the Mets, and…

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