MetsPlus Awards for 2014

One of my favorite posts from the offseason. Did any predication come true? Find out!

Mets Plus

Before we jump into the Pepper Prime Awards for 2015, we do one last award recap for the 2014 season. The three categories are: 1) Organizational Player of the Year. 2) Mets Sensation. 3) MetsPlusMVP.

Mets Plus 2015 Logo

Ok, let’s start with Organizational Player of the Year, our three candidates are Matt Reynolds, Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz. Reynolds hit 343 and drove in 61 in Triple-A Las Vegas in 2014, he was a very impressive young shortstop, and could very well fit well into the Mets plans in 2015. Noah “Thor” Syndergaard had control issues in 2014, and combined with a late spring injury, Thor regressed slightly in 2014, nonetheless Thor is considered a top prospect. Steven Matz was an enormous surprise in 2014. I did a preview of him back in June, and I noted that his stuff could potentially be better than any other Mets prospect. Matz had a 2.25…

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