The Mets are in First Place on May 5th

I’ve been eerily quiet on this whole Mets in first place topic the last week or so, mostly because I didn’t want to go out and congratulate this team, and then have the team struggle. So, I held off, the team went on to struggle. We then won today’s game, and I’m extremely happy. I look at the standings as of around 10pm tonight, and I see the New York Mets, the team that has been extremely underwhelming in the standings in years past, in First Place on May 5th. We are four games up in the division.

You have to wonder if we will see the above image this year. That has been a dream of a lot of Mets fans like me, and I feel like we are putting together a strong beginning. I don’t believe that we are better than the Nationals, but there are teams out there that are. The Nationals are going to have their bad stretches, and if we can maintain first place for a longer period of time, the above image could become a reality. This team has potential, and I believe we are all about to see that. A lot of great things ahead for the Mets.


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