My experience with the Mets “Prize Pass” Wheel. Episode 1

Ah, the Mets Prize Pass wheel. The time you spend in Citi Field during the hour prior to the game, when the person your going to the game with is waiting in the Shake Shack line for you.


As you can see, the game is easy, you wait in line for 45 minutes. Tell ten tourists wearing Harvey knockoff uni’s what your waiting in line for, one tourist where Pat LaFreida is, and finally spin the stupid wheel. In premise, not a bad idea. The Mets get me to sign up for some emails (that I spam the moment they reach my inbox) and I get some extra promo that I haven’t received before*. The available items that you could win are a 2015 Schedule Magnet (6 squares), The Empire State Building free shirt friday shirt from last year (1 square), a John Franco Bobble (1 square) and a ad-less Mets lanyard (8 squares). I did it twice during the opening homestand, note that before that, I got three magnets from game 162 last year, and three from Opening Day. Let’s just say my fridge is full of 2015 magnets. I spin the first day, magnet. Oh well, I say, let me just give this to a kid walking by. NO ONE WANTED THE MAGNET. I threw it in the garbage. The next day, I spun again. I just missed the Franco bobble, and wouldn’t you know it, landed on the magnet.


The guy was overjoyed to give me the magnet. Alas, yesterday, with lucky gnomes in hand, me and my father head to the prize wheel. I spin first. I try the big spin approach. Doesn’t work, magnet. The T-short was 5 spaces away, so my dad attempts the slow spin. It lands right in the middle of a damn magnet square.


The Mets have now given me 10 magnets. 10 MAGNETS. This is comical. Is there a magnetic force behind the magnet spots? Has anyone else had this happen? Leave a comment….

2 Replies to “My experience with the Mets “Prize Pass” Wheel. Episode 1”

  1. G-man says:

    Got the magnet also!


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