May 2015

Mets Scoreboard Changes are a Major Bust

This year, the Mets introduced us to new walls, new scoreboards and new amenities. I was very anxious to see it all, as I believe a baseball game is great when a fan is provided with the most information, and have an all around good time. However, after their centerfield scoreboard that is “62% bigger” was installed, and after they added a K board, and a left field LED board, I can hereby say that the Mets scoreboard experience is abysmal. Yes, it got much worse than ever before. Why?

Here is the Mets circa 2012 right field scoreboard:

2012 scoreboard

Now that is a perfect scoreboard. We see both teams lineups, all of the batters statistics that we would ever need, who is on base, player notes, scorecard notes, where he hit the ball to, and everything you would need to know about the pitcher in the bottom left. I fell in love with this perfect scoreboard, no problem whatsoever. Then, this year rolled, in, and all we get to see is what is in the bottom left hand corner. LITERALLY.


Are you kidding me? Yes, I know that the scoreboard is a tiny piece to the Citi Field experience, but dedicating a whole scoreboard to the pitchers stats and the opposing lineup is not a good idea! There are a lot of seats in the stadium that cannot see the Center Field scoreboard, making you reside to this waste board!

The other issue I have is the Mets taking away spaces that were previously dedicated to players stats & info , and turning them into ad locations! I know you need to make money, but sheesh, this is ridiculous!

Take a look at the old line board just under the promenade outfield sections.

2014 LINE


Nothing to cheer home about, but batting statistics, an advertisement, and pitcher stats. OK. Well, the Mets added a whole extra line board below that, so we can only see improvements, right? Nope. Not even close.

2015 LINE


Both boards swallowed up by ads. Which brings me to another point… I was at Saturday’s game when a dad behind me asked his young son what color the Citi Field wall was, I was ready for him to say Blue, but instead, he said “all sorts of colors.” And, sadly that is completely true.

I have no problem with stadiums advertising on walls, they simply have to do it, it makes a lot of money for them, but with the eight foot walls all around, and with three new advertising locations that were not present previously in Citi Field (VYSK, Konica Minolta, Altec and National Car Rental are all new on the Citi Field wall, before them were a blue fence, with the exception of the VYSK space, as that is where Xerox was.) Here is a small solution, how about make all advertisements blue? While I do believe that the kids “multi-color” response was a bit far-fetched, it certainly wasn’t an incorrect answer. Of course, advertisers like Budweiser and Verizon would probably not blend in well, there is no reason why some of the other advertisers like Citi or Altec can’t sport the royal blue.

Oh and one last thing. There is no where in Citi Field to see the TIME from Section 514, or anywhere from the upper promenade. Of course, my phone is a simple replacement, but it would be nice to have the clock back!

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What’s wrong with Pops?

Anyone is happy with the Mets offense right now obviously hasn’t been watching a lot of games. The Mets offense is very streaky, one day, they will all bust out and hit multiple round-trippers and a few doubles, and make everyone satisfied, and the next day, well, they can’t get the ball out of the infield.

All of the Mets have had their strong periods this year. Murphy had his this month, Duda pretty much all year, Flores lately, Lagares was good all of April and has quietly entered a small slump, and Grandy has been hitting a good amount of home runs. The only player that really hasn’t caught fire in any stretch this year is Michael “Pops” Cuddyer.  I’m not saying a 262 batting average is terrible, but it is not exactly the production that we expected to get out of him. Five home runs is pretty low for June, and when the weather gets warmer, the humidity might catch up to him.

Cuddyer has also shown signs of age, which is why I call him “Pops”, and while I’ll be the first to tell you it’s unfair to call him that, I hope he plays for the 8.5 Million dollars we gave him this year, especially with the absence of David Wright in the lineup.

#MetsMoment : Classic Memories

This is a really cool video that I enjoyed. Watch it, you won’t regret it:

Join us for Pitch Talks, May 28

Pitch Talks is in two days. Do you have your tickets yet?

Mets Cetera

A personal plug here:

Those of you in and around New York City, I’d encourage you to buy up some tickets to Pitch Talks, May 28 at B.B. King Blues Club in Times Square. There’s going to be a lot of discussion on the Mets, so come armed with questions. It’s going to be a fun event.

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Five Coincidences that the Mets have faced in the past few seasons

The Mets have had a few unusual trends in their schedules the last few years. If you have any to add, feel free to add it in the comments section.

1) Day Off After Opening Day – This is very minor, but it annoys me, probably because I always want to watch a lot of baseball during Opening Day. Can this change? Please?

2) Colorado in April; Cincinnati in September – Even though the former isn’t true this year, it has been the case since the Shea Stadium days. We have also faced the Reds in September the last three years in September. This is total coincidence, I don’t know how this happens.

3) A very odd home stand to close out the year- Since 2007, the Mets have only finished the season on the road once, in 2012. Also, since 2013, we have had a closing weekend home stand after being on the road. This oddity continues this year.

4) Memorial Day is a home game- Haven’t you noticed that your always buying a different home uniform for Memorial Day?

5) How many games the Mets Play in a season- 162, though some say that could change in the not to distant future!

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Mets continue to sink…. fast.

When the Pirates hit a homerun. their phrase is “Clear the Deck…. Cannonball coming”. After being swept by the Pirates, and falling to 2.5 games behind the Nats, maybe the Mets should listen to that phrase.


When teams collapse, I use the three strikes method. The Mets first strike came when they choked the NL East lead, they officially got it when they left Chicago. The Mets now have two strikes, after three straight blow outs, and losses in five out of the Mets last six games. Today’s game in Pittsburgh gave them that strike, it was poorly played down to the last drop, and every time the Mets had something going, the subsequent batters struck out. Literally, the all struck out. The Mets continue to hear bad news on David Wright, and they now have minor injuries to Juan Lagares and Lucas Duda. The Mets management also continues to make minor changes to their roster that will do nothing in the long run, like today, the Mets made a meaningless move. They demoted Johnny Monell in exchange for Danny Muno. Tejada will be playing third, and Michael “Pops” Cuddyer cannot hit for his life. This is one of the most frustrating  phases the Mets have been in since Shea, all thanks to the glimpse of success that the Mets were given. There are way too many injuries for this team to compete, and now the players are getting upset. After Matt Harvey was upset that the Mets wanted to use a 6-man rotation, the Mets decided to keep Dillon Gee in Binghamton, and he is upset that the Mets are “wasting his bullets”. Harvey is not the coach, why doesn’t he take a seat? This team is way to injured, poorly coached, and upset to compete, let alone win…… Despicable

Jacob deGrom is great; Mets salvage split.

The Mets won today versus St.Louis by a score or 5-0. The Mets salvaged a series split against the Cardinals, in a series that was dominated by the Cardinals. The Mets are now 0.5 games behind the first place Washington Nationals.

deGrom pitched what was easily the best game of the year. He threw 40 pitches in the first two innings, and gave up one hit, but besides that he was perfect. deGrom was his 2014 self. I wonder if this truly was a psychological slump like he says it was. He struck out 11 today and truly looked un-hittable. I was actually surprised that deGrom didn’t go out for the 9th, as he was under his 110 pitch cap prior to the 9th.

The Mets now travel to Pittsburgh. The 7 Line and I will be there on Saturday.