Happy 10th Birthday to MLB.com/blogs

Happy 10th to the guys over at MLBlogs. Mets Plus has become a huge success for me, as I was just a thirteen year old kid writing a blog, and became a 15 year old writer sitting in a press box. Unreal. I would like to congratulate the crew at MLBlogs for creating this network, and I look forward to 10 smooth years ahead.

Also, again, thanks for reading http://metsplus.com it means a LOT!

MLB.com Blogs Central


Have you heard the news? We’re now “MLB.com/blogs” and we just relaunched Major League Baseball’s blogging community with a new look to coincide with the 10th blogaversary of Tommy’s first post. Read all about it at the new home for MLB.com/blogs.

Make sure you follow MLB.com/blogs because that’s the page where you’ll find cool new and existing fan and PRO blogs going forward. Check out the RSS feeds there, updated by category. If you have questions and comments about MLB.com/blogs, you can still use this community blog to reach us. We might even bring back Latest Leaders, or some kind of version of them.

It’s a little bit of a work in progress, but the whole goal is to surface more blogs and to use an actual WordPress.com blog as the gateway for MLB.com/blogs. It won’t impact anything you are currently doing to blog.

If you have a baseball blog…

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