Three Things to look for during today’s Marlins vs Mets game

Today, April 19th 2015, the Mets look to salvage a four-game sweep, and extend a seven-game win streak into a eight-game win streak. If the Mets win today, they will be the first team to get to ten wins. Matt Harvey will be on the mound today, opposing Tom Koehler. In Harvey’s first two starts, he has pitched to a 2.25 ERA and a 0.833 WHIP.

OK, now, here are three things to look for during today’s “Harvey Day” game:

1) Murph’s resurgence – Daniel Murphy has been struggling a bit at the plate. Many attribute the slump to his hamstring injury, which I believe is the truth. I think Murphy should be aiming to hit more line drives, but I have confidence that Murphy will put the work in to fix the problem.

2) Big Crowd- It appears as if the Mets have sold out yet another game today. This is the fifth game this year that will have over 38,000 fans in the yard, which is beyond impressive.

3) Harvey, Need I say more? – Harvey brings his energy to every game he pitches in, and today will be no different. Look for creative Harvey posters and merchandise during today’s game.


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