MetsPlus After DARK: Talk #1

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first ever Mets Plus: After Dark.


Yes, even the annoying ceremonial flags have made it into this post.

Now, at this point, your probably wondering two things. One, why is this called MetsPlus: After Dark? It’s not a podcast, video show, or a “themed” post? Well, the answer is that none of my daily readers come from the overnight crowd. Because of this, I wanted to encourage and recognize the people that work overnight or people that enjoy night-life over others, and give them some recognition. Now your probably asking, Dude, you just told me none of my readers come from the overnight crowd, but you want to recognize them, so…. you want to recognize nobody? Yup, pretty much. OK, but how is a post (that people will read in the daytime) accomplish that? Good Point, why AM I writing this? Well, now, can we get to MetsPlus AfterDark and see if it’s any good. Straight Ahead….

The Savannah Sand Gnats play in Historic “Grayson Stadium” as the Single-A affiliate of the New York Mets. They signed a contract in 2007 to be the Mets Single A affiliate through 2016, but to sweeten the pot to “re-up” the contract, the Gnats are leaving their 90 year old stadium. While I’d be the first to say that Grayson is an old and unappealing stadium, there is a nice “baseball only” atmosphere that can be found in very few professional ballparks anymore. Adam Rubin of ESPN New York stated that when the stadiums’s contract lease runs out with the Sand Gnats, on 10/1, the Sand Gnats will cease operations and re-locate to Columbia, SC.

If this happens, it will be really sad, as Grayson Stadium might close it’s doors for the final time. If you have any trips down there this summer, head on over.

One Reply to “MetsPlus After DARK: Talk #1”

  1. G-man says:

    Funny post Niko!


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