April 13th, 2015

MetsPlus After DARK: Talk #1

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first ever Mets Plus: After Dark.


Yes, even the annoying ceremonial flags have made it into this post.

Now, at this point, your probably wondering two things. One, why is this called MetsPlus: After Dark? It’s not a podcast, video show, or a “themed” post? Well, the answer is that none of my daily readers come from the overnight crowd. Because of this, I wanted to encourage and recognize the people that work overnight or people that enjoy night-life over others, and give them some recognition. Now your probably asking, Dude, you just told me none of my readers come from the overnight crowd, but you want to recognize them, so…. you want to recognize nobody? Yup, pretty much. OK, but how is a post (that people will read in the daytime) accomplish that? Good Point, why AM I writing this? Well, now, can we get to MetsPlus AfterDark and see if it’s any good. Straight Ahead….


Thoughts about today’s 2-0 Mets victory…… but mostly the “new” Citi Field

If your looking for a good, long, comprehensive recap of today’s action this  isn’t the place, at least today it isn’t. This is because I want to talk about my Citi Field experience for the day.


I left from my residence at 9:30 am, with an estimated arrival time of around 10:45 am. I was off by 15 minutes, getting .into the gates at 11:00 am. The first thing I was happy about was the line, there was none. I walked right into the Jackie Robinson Rotunda with no one ahead of me. Perfect. I then I bought myself a program, headed up the lineup walked into a crowded elevator and went to the Promenade Level. I was late in buying tickets this year, so I just got “Standing Room” seats. The stadium was empty 90 minutes prior (like every other stadium is), so I took a random seat, and quickly was dismayed to see various things.

1) No Temperature– OK. The weather isn’t important, but I’d rather have it somewhere on the boards, especially since we’ve had it on there for years now. (Remember, we added new scoreboards this year, not the other way around.

2) No Lineups until Game Time- This annoyed me, I’m all for going to Twitter to get a reminder of the Phillies lineups, but why can’t they be up on the Right Field board like they have always been?

3) No Statistics!!!!- They’ve re-configured the use of the scoreboards this year, so the Right Field board is reserved for pitchers. Really?!?! How am I supposed to know Granderson’s new average? They do have the numbers posted to the right of the tiny lineups in Center Field, but I can’t read it, and that is the ONLY source of statistic that one could find after the player’s first at bat.It was never like that.

4) Utter waste of the new Left Field “Line” Board– This disappointed me, I was excited when the Mets were adding two new “line” boards, one that was going to be devoted as a “K Tracker” (In premise, a good idea, but in reality, something that should be left to the fans.) and a board that will be there for multi-use, but today, it was only used for advertisements. In previous years, these spaces were used for pitchers stats (like Pitch Count, MPH) but now, that’s what the right field board is for, so, instead of putting statistics (which we need; it was embarrassingly limited today), it was used for advertisements.

5) The Soft look is gone, and the more “friendly” chants are gone- I counted two regular “Let’s Go Mets” chants today. Both using 2012 graphics, and I must say, I was extremely happy. I was upset with the Mets ditching classic chants for some small cuts of Pop music. I was upset when the Mets changed Taking Care of Business to New York Groove, not because I don’t like New York Groove, I do, it’s just not the Mets.

6) You better be here in a freezing day in two weeks- I love the fans, I love sellout atmospheres, but today wasn’t one. The crowd, while excited, just wasn’t “in” to the game. There wasn’t that “Let’s GO!!!” atmosphere, and the team’s offense wasn’t particularly amazing. I love the guys at Citi Field, they are masterminds, and I’m probably picky, but today’s record attendance game was a little bit of a let down for me. Anyone feel the same way? Leave a comment below!

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