The Mets defense has been, and will be a primary concern in 2015’s Michael Baron talks about the Mets defense, and why it could potentially evolve into the Mets achilles heal.

Just Mets

Mets defensive collage

M BaronMuch like it was in the 1980’s, this is an era of baseball becoming defined by three specific areas in the game.

Pitching, defense, and speed.

The Mets certainly have the pitching. And the additions of Michael CuddyerJohn Mayberry Jr., and both Jerry Blevins and Alex Torres gives the Mets much needed credibility offensively as well as a more solidified bullpen late in games, an area where many games are won and could be a difference maker for the Mets. There isn’t a single opinion in the game which disagrees with that.

But, there’s no questioning the Mets lack speed. In theory, this can be aided by more contact and hit and run plays, but that could take away from the hitting philosophy the team had adopted.

With that said, that’s not their biggest problem.

The one glaring need which has been under-discussed and is potentially underrated is the…

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