And now, here they are! Your 2015…. New York Mets!

The Mets 25 man roster is set, and it’s pretty impressive. The Mets are going to carry an extra reliever (Buddy Carlyle) to the expense of super utility man Eric Campbell. The Mets will also have Daniel Murphy in the lineup on Monday, which means that the Mets will have a full lineup for Monday, the Nationals will not.

Starting Pitchers: 1. Bartolo Colon, 2. Jacob deGrom, 3. Matt Harvey, 4. Jonathan Niese, 5. Dillon Gee.

Bullpen: 6. Buddy Carlyle, 7. Alex Torres, 8. Sean Gilmartin, 9. Jeryus Familia, 10. Jerry Blevins, 11. Rafael Montero, 12. Jenry Mejia.

Catchers: 13. Travis d’Arnaud, 14. Anthony Recker

Infielders: 15. Lucas Duda (1B), 16. Daniel Murphy (2B), 17. Wilmer Flores (SS), 18. David Wright (3B), 19. Ruben Tejada (2B-SS)

Outfielders: 20. Michael Cuddyer (LF), Juan Lagares (CF), Curtis Granderson (RF), John Mayberry Jr. (OF-1B), Kirk Nieuwenhuis (OF)


2 Replies to “And now, here they are! Your 2015…. New York Mets!”

  1. Hope your Mets have a good year.


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