April 5th, 2015

Series Preview: New York Mets at Washington Nationals

Tomorrow, the New York Mets open up the season in Nationals Park, to take on the Washington Nationals. This might be the first series of the season, but it is a very crucial one. The Mets had terrible luck against the Nationals in 2014, they were losers of over 75% of contests against Washington. Lucky for the Mets, they will not be playing the 2014 Nationals. Tomorrow, the Nationals will come to battle without Anthony Rendon, Jayson Werth and Denard Span. The Nationals also lost Adam LaRoche, one of their most productive hitters.

Monday: Game 1- Bartolo Colon vs Max Scherzer

Wednesday: Game 2- Jacob deGrom vs Jordan Zimmerman

Thursday: Game 3- Matt Harvey vs Stephen Strasburg

Thoughts from Niko Goutakolis:

This is a very important series psychologically for the Mets. Winning two out of three would be a great boost to start the season, and sweep would be huge. The Mets are set up better than Washington right now, and with a win tomorrow, the have Jacob deGrom and Matt Harvey set up for games 2 and 3, win one of those and you’ve won two out of three. I honestly believe that as far as Opening Day’s go, tomorrow is the most crucial.

Mets & More: Mets Previews

Here are some of the best Mets season previews from around the net. The Mets are getting a good reputation by many major writers, which, hasn’t been the case since at least 2009.


NJ.com’s Mike Vorkunov previews the Mets 2015 campaign 

– MLB.com writer Doug Miller talks about this series versus Washington

– Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia showed us a sneak peak of how the NL East will play out

– Albert Chen of SI.com gives us his 2015 Mets Digest

The Mets defense has been, and will be a primary concern in 2015

JustMets.net’s Michael Baron talks about the Mets defense, and why it could potentially evolve into the Mets achilles heal.

Just Mets

Mets defensive collage

M BaronMuch like it was in the 1980’s, this is an era of baseball becoming defined by three specific areas in the game.

Pitching, defense, and speed.

The Mets certainly have the pitching. And the additions of Michael CuddyerJohn Mayberry Jr., and both Jerry Blevins and Alex Torres gives the Mets much needed credibility offensively as well as a more solidified bullpen late in games, an area where many games are won and could be a difference maker for the Mets. There isn’t a single opinion in the game which disagrees with that.

But, there’s no questioning the Mets lack speed. In theory, this can be aided by more contact and hit and run plays, but that could take away from the hitting philosophy the team had adopted.

With that said, that’s not their biggest problem.

The one glaring need which has been under-discussed and is potentially underrated is the…

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And now, here they are! Your 2015…. New York Mets!

The Mets 25 man roster is set, and it’s pretty impressive. The Mets are going to carry an extra reliever (Buddy Carlyle) to the expense of super utility man Eric Campbell. The Mets will also have Daniel Murphy in the lineup on Monday, which means that the Mets will have a full lineup for Monday, the Nationals will not.

Starting Pitchers: 1. Bartolo Colon, 2. Jacob deGrom, 3. Matt Harvey, 4. Jonathan Niese, 5. Dillon Gee.

Bullpen: 6. Buddy Carlyle, 7. Alex Torres, 8. Sean Gilmartin, 9. Jeryus Familia, 10. Jerry Blevins, 11. Rafael Montero, 12. Jenry Mejia.

Catchers: 13. Travis d’Arnaud, 14. Anthony Recker

Infielders: 15. Lucas Duda (1B), 16. Daniel Murphy (2B), 17. Wilmer Flores (SS), 18. David Wright (3B), 19. Ruben Tejada (2B-SS)

Outfielders: 20. Michael Cuddyer (LF), Juan Lagares (CF), Curtis Granderson (RF), John Mayberry Jr. (OF-1B), Kirk Nieuwenhuis (OF)


Happy Easter; Mets Fans

I hope everyone out there is enjoying Easter, and the LAST day of the 2014-2015 offseason. Tomorrow, we kick things into full gear, Baseball is back, for real.