Juan Lagares and Mets agree to 4 year 20 Million dollar extension

Two days after the Mets said they were in negotiations with Lucas Duda for a contract extension, the Mets turn the tables with an absolutely great signing. A 4 year 20 Million dollar extension with Juan Lagares.

Lagares won the NL Golden Glove in 2014, and was a nice addition to the offensive lineup in 2014. Jim Bowden was first on this scoop, and all of the Mets fan base seem overjoyed by this signing. Lagares is the Mets first stable Centerfielder since Carlos Beltran, and he has a lot of room to improve, with his bat, his speed and maybe even improve his top-tier defense. 4 Years and 20 Million is a good deal for the Mets, and Lagares. Juan is now signed through 2019, with an option for the 2020 season.



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