April 2015

What we learned from this road trip

After winning eleven straight ballgames, the Mets have dropped four out of their last six contests. The fan-base is getting antsy, it doesn’t take someone two minutes on twitter to figure that out. I think that we all have to understand that the Mets, Mike Trout, any other “god” like baseball team is human. That’s frustrating, especially after a good homestand. It was better than good, it was perfect. The Mets were perfect. Everyone saw the team they wanted in front of them, but then the Yankees took that away.

But that’s the beauty of Baseball. There is another game tomorrow, redemption starts tomorrow. The Mets have a lot to be proud of in April, and we should look forward to continued success in May.

Captain Wright expected back this weekend

David Wright injured his hamstring sliding into second base during the April 14th game versus the Phillies. Wright needs to know that we need him for better things than stealing a base, and the good news is that the Mets will be able to tell him that in person as he expected to return from the disabled list sometime this weekend versus the Washington Nationals. David is eligible to come off the disabled list tomorrow, how ever it is expected to take a few days more. My expectation is that we will have him in full health by the Orioles series, I’m still not convinced if he will have him ready for gnome night (Saturday), but since Campbell is preforming above average at third, there is no need for him to “rush” back. With Wright back, the Mets could again have a very formidable lineup.

Bluefish mustered up some “Magic” in Bridgeport

Bridgeport, Conn.- The Bridgeport Bluefish opened up their 2015 campaign on Friday, and dropped the game in extra innings versus the Camden Riversharks. Sure, the Bluefish have their flaws, and, sure, there may be fierce competitors in the Atlantic League, but Bridgeport has a strong core of former MLB Players, and a nice dose of rising stars as well. D.J Mitchell, Scott Maine, Luis Perdomo among others are all former household names that make up the Bluefish roster.

On Sunday, the Bluefish (0-2) faced the Riversharks (2-0), with hopes to salvage the last game of a three game set. First off, the Fish were wearing stir-ups. That alone got me excited, but inset the teal sock stripe, colored pants and white cap, and I’d say that the “Magic City” Bluefish have one of the best uniform combinations in professional baseball.

Credit: Uni Watch 

One of the strange things about Sunday’s duel was that both starting pitchers were scratched from the game. Scott Maine replaced Cory Riordan and pitched good, tossing four innings of two-run ball. John Alonso hit a home run for the “Magic City” Bluefish in the fourth inning, and they never looked back. The Bluefish broke out offensively in the Bottom of the 6th inning, scoring four runs. The game ended with a score of 6-2, in favor of the Bluefish, their first win of the season.


How many of you remember Sam Gervacio? This is a video I took of him in the Bluefish’ Press Box. This is by far the wildest pitching motion I have ever seen in pro ball! See for yourself:

Special thanks to Paul Herrmann, who let me cover yesterday’s game. Best of luck to the Bluefish. 

Is Daniel Murphy running out of time?

During today’s 8-2 victory over the Yankees, I was having a discussion with two fans on Twitter who said that the rope on Daniel Murphy is running low. This comes after Murphy’s three major errors that seemed to be brain-lapses, all happening at critical stages of each game. Murphy’s batting average has also been below 150 throughout the season. Looking over his shoulder, Dilson Herrera, who was not impressive in a brief stint with the big club last year, has been preforming well in Triple A, as is Matt Reynolds, who could easily slide over to second base.

Murphy is one of my favorite players, but I just don’t see how Murphy is on the 2016 Mets. With so much talent behind him (I believe Reynolds will preform better then Herrera, who hasn’t look sharp up here), and with this being the last year of his contract, AND coming off an all-star year, which should drive up his price point, Murphy doesn’t make sense for the Mets as an investment. Murphy has always aspired to do great on defense, and has worked harder than anyone else to improve his defense, but a man can only play so well, and Murphy just cannot be an everyday second baseman. There are thirty teams in Major League Baseball, and 66% of the teams are a fit for Murph, the Mets are not one of them. That being said, today, he is wearing a Mets uniform, as he will be for the rest of 2015. Murphy will hit sooner or later, don’t worry about that. He has always been one of our most productive hitters and letting him get back into a groove after an injury will take time, but worthwhile. Now, the Mets should not trade anyone for Murphy come deadline, baring an early Summer collapse, only because Murphy is more valuable to the 2015 pennant race chasing Mets than a mid-range prospect and a reliever is in five years. You don’t know what this team will look like in five years. As I’ve said the last two years on this blog, Alderson isn’t a buyer or a seller, he is a stand patter, so I am 100% positive Murphy is going to be given every opportunity to come through for this club in 2015, and then not get offered a contract in 2016.

Written By: Niko Goutakolis – Lead Writer – MetsPlus 

VIDEO: All Mets walk-off’s of 2014

This is a really cool video that I stumbled upon. Walk off wins are my favorite. They are always so memorable, and now you can re-live them!

Mets have shown Authority during this Homestand

The Opening homestand for the Mets could not be drawn up any better record-wise. Yes, there have been injuries that could be troublesome moving forward, but I think that there are a lot of positives that should not be overlooked. This year, the Mets have been doing things that they failed to accomplish in previous years. The Mets have established big innings in all of there games, and when you give your acclaimed, banged up, pitching staff powerful leads, good things happen. The Mets are also getting lucky brakes, which, as we know, are out of our control. The Mets winning 11 straight games is great, and I mean great. I’m super proud of the guys, but I know that when things go right, it’s hard to pick apart the team, and when it’s April, it’s impossible to see this teams flaws. I’m interested to see what will happen to this ball club when they get in a funk and struggle for a little bit. That is when we will see what sort of team we have. The good news is, the Mets won 11 straight with no captain, a poor shortstop, an injured catcher (for the recent games) and an injury plagued bullpen. When (could be if) the Mets get back to 100% health, I believe this team could rise way above expectations. Until then, hopefully, they will continue to dazzle. On to the Bronx……

VIDEO: SportsManias DieHard Tour hits Queens

“Big Al” Alex Perrault was in Queens for the Mets homestand against the Marlins as part of the SportsManias DieHard Tour. It’s a vlog-style series that profiles the tailgating and gameday traditions of diehard sports fans across the country. Alex profiles some of the Citi Field staples and so much more! Don’t forget to subscribe to their YouTube channel after you watch the video!

Happy 10th Birthday to MLB.com/blogs

Happy 10th to the guys over at MLBlogs. Mets Plus has become a huge success for me, as I was just a thirteen year old kid writing a blog, and became a 15 year old writer sitting in a press box. Unreal. I would like to congratulate the crew at MLBlogs for creating this network, and I look forward to 10 smooth years ahead.

Also, again, thanks for reading http://metsplus.com it means a LOT!

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Travis d’Arnaud’s fractured hand will take at least four to five weeks to heal, succeeded by baseball activities, if all things go to plan, reports Adam Rubin of ESPN New York. d’Arnaud hasn’t been sitting at home away from action, though. d’Arnaud took just promoted prospect Kevin Plawecki out to dinner to talk about Plawecki’s promotion, a very nice touch from d’Arnaud.

Vic Black will be taking his third MRI since the preseason has begun. This is a little scary, but luckily, the doctor reported that he is in better shape than when he was last evaluated. Fellow reliever Bobby Parnell threw 93 Miles per hour in a recent rehabilitation game.

Padres Take Series as Lester Remains Winless

This is really interesting to me. I don’t value wins and losses as much as the next guy does, but it is interesting how every time someone signs a big deal, and they don’t live up to expectation, you cringe at the offer they were given. This is the case with Giancarlo Stanton as well. More on that in a post next week on MetsPlus.

Here’s the original post from “Born On Third”

Born on Third

Cubs Final 4-19

Full Box Score

Things started out well enough today as the Cubs jumped on the listless Padres with two runs in the bottom of the first.  I say listless because the Padres were sleepwalking in the first, they made two errors and looked generally disinterested.  From that point on it was all Padres, as they scored five unanswered runs en route to a 5-2 win.  Jon Lester was just okay again today, he worked into the sixth inning but made far too many mistakes up in the zone, he needs a road start or two to settle in.  The Cubs threatened a few times as they left the bases-loaded twice, and were just 2-for-8 with runners in scoring position.

At the Plate:

  • Dexter Fowler has been swinging it well as of late, he went 2-for-5 with a run scored.
  • Jorge Soler remains productive while hitting second in the order…

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