Mets Opening Day Roster Prediction

The Mets are nine days away from Opening Day. All of the players that won’t make the team have been re-assigned to minor league camp, and it finally looks like we have got our 25 man roster planned out. There is still plenty of un-cetanty in the Mets bullpen, but the position player roster seems to be all set with the exception of Daniel Murphy, who may or may not be ready for Opening Day. Overall, I would say that this is the best roster the Mets have sent north since 2008, giving us the best chance we have had to make the playoffs since we started playing games in Citi Field. Now, without further ado, this is what I think your Mets 25 man roster will look like.

Starting Rotation (According to Game started, not ability);

1) Bartolo Colon

2) Jacob deGrom

3) Matt Harvey

4) Jon Niese

5) Dillon Gee

Evaluation: B+ ~ I think that this is a A- with Wheeler, only because he has a bigger potential level compared to Dillon Gee. In early 2015, it will be better for the Mets to have Gee, but going forward, I believe it would have been better to have Wheeler in there.


6) Buddy Carlyle

7) Rafael Montero

8) Carlos Torres

9) Lefty- Scott Rice *

10) Righty- Zack Thornton *

11) Jeryus Familia

12) Jennry Mejia

Evaluation: C ~ Honestly, this bullpen is not the best. Black will most probably not be ready for Opening Day, and while I’ve praised Cody Satterwhite and appointed him next in line to make the club in the past, Thornton is a better option for today, keep your eyes on Satterwhite, though.


13) Travis d’Arnaud

14) Anthony Recker

Evaluation: B- While Monell is still in camp, Recker is the back-up, no doubt.


15) Lucas Duda 1B

16) Daniel Murphy 2B *

17) Wilmer Flores SS

18) David Wright 3B

19) Eric Campbell IF-OF

20) Ruben Tejada 2B-SS

Evaluation: B+ ~ This is a great infield, I love having Duda, Murphy and Wright in any game, and Flores has been pretty good this Spring. Campbell is an excellent backup.


21) Michael Cuddyer LF

22) Juan Lagares CF

23) Curtis Granderson RF

24) Krik Nieuwenhuis OF

25) John Mayberry OF-1B

Evaluation: A ~ Yes, a solid A. This is one of the best outfields in the National League. The Mets, praised by their pitching, could now have a better hitting core then their pitching as a whole. This will be an exciting year for the Mets.

Notes: * means questionable to make the team. Murphy is questionable due to injury. 


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