ICYMI: Why Cody Satterwhite could break camp with the Mets

If Vic Black doesn’t make the team out of Spring, Satterwhite is a real possibility. Read more:

Mets Plus

Those of you reading this might say “Who is Cody Satterwhite?!?!?”. Well, that’s what I said today when I was looking at the Mets bullpen options. It all started when my good friend Brian P. Mangan was complaining about the Mets bullpen.

I then thought, oh no, is this true? Edgin is down with Tommy John, Parnell isn’t doing anything at the moment, and I have a feeling we may not see him until Memorial Day. Now, news has come out that Vic Black has been shut down with a painful elbow, and that Collins is worried. From this, I conclude that we won’t see Black until the weather gets into the 80’s.

I analyzed the…

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