Michael Cuddyer is raking in Spring

Michael Cuddyer is not going to become the next Jason Bay / Curtis Granderson. Cuddyer has five home runs this Spring, he leads the Mets in that category, and is in the top five in hitters in that category across the league. Cuddyer was the only major signing that the Mets made this year, and fans are hoping for big things out of him. I’m hoping for average defense in left field, a 285 average, 25+ home runs and over 75 runs batted in. If we can get this out of Michael, it will be considered a good signing. “Obviously Michael has done to the lineup what we hoped he’d done.” Terry Collins said. “It’s give us that guy in the middle of the lineup who’s got some power, who’s a good hitter and has some preparation. I think it’s big.” Cuddyer too says he has high expectations for 2015, “The last transition taught me that your approach can remain the same,” Cuddyer said. “No matter what ballpark you’re playing in, as long as you keep that same hitting approach, you can take that approach that I’ve been able to hone to pretty much any stadium in the big leagues. Now, are some balls going to leave the yard? Are some balls going to fall in? You play in so many different parks, that’s the nature of the beast.”

A lot rides on Cuddyer, Murphy, Granderson and Wright this year, let’s hope they can contribute in big ways.


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