March 20th, 2015

17 Days….

David Newhan wore #17 in the Mets 2007 campaign, he walked up to the Jeopardy Think Music Cue. Newhan is now retired

Mets Bullpen Cart is all the rage

You see this Mets Bullpen Cart? Mets Police has been talking about it all week. It’s up for action in a Sotheby’s somewhere nearby. The owner, Jesse, says he really likes it, and he wants it to be in Citi Field, but the Mets never replied. Thus, Jesse did the thing any man with a 1970’s retro Mets Bullpen cart would do. Try to get 20,000 off it. Unfortunately, it seems like no one in the Mets organization is going to bid for it, and despite interest all around Mets Twitter, no one is going to pay 20,000 to donate a cart to the Mets. Thus, the only way to get the cart is through a campaign. Mets Billboard, brought up the concern that if Jesse doesn’t want to “halt” the bid, then none of this can happen, but if he does, (and he says he wants it to be in Citi Field), wouldn’t it be fun to see if we can raise the money to end MetsPolice’s obsession…. **cough cough**, I mean, wouldn’t it be fun to see if we can raise the money to bring this nostalgic cart into our home? If you have any interest, check YES on the vote below. For more info on the cart, check out