March 19th, 2015

Murphy departs game with hamstring injury

As if the Injured Players Club isn’t packed enough, you can add another member. The Mets lone all-star, Daniel Murphy. He slightly pulled it running the basses during the first inning of the Mets game in Jupiter this afternoon. Adam Rubin of ESPN New York says that this is not a “serious” injury, but he also said that “we’ve heard this before”. I had a conversation with Michael Baron of, and we both agreed that Murphy will be playing in minor league games, at least until he has returned to better health. With 17 days left, I’m hoping that this is one of those 7-10 day injuries, so that Murphy will have a week to get ready for Washington.

This Post will be updated if any extra information becomes available 

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Why Cody Satterwhite could break camp with the Mets

Those of you reading this might say “Who is Cody Satterwhite?!?!?”. Well, that’s what I said today when I was looking at the Mets bullpen options. It all started when my good friend Brian P. Mangan was complaining about the Mets bullpen.

I then thought, oh no, is this true? Edgin is down with Tommy John, Parnell isn’t doing anything at the moment, and I have a feeling we may not see him until Memorial Day. Now, news has come out that Vic Black has been shut down with a painful elbow, and that Collins is worried. From this, I conclude that we won’t see Black until the weather gets into the 80’s.

I analyzed the Mets bullpen options, I really am not impressed with Montero, Gilmartin has been abysmal, then again, so has every other lefty. I simply did not like the premise of having Montero and Gilmartin in a decimated bullpen. Erik Goeddel could be a possibility, but his ERA has been in the 5.00+ the last two years, in AA/AAA, so I’m going to have to pass. Satterwhite pitched to a 2.33 ERA in AA Binghamton. More than respectable, not to mention his three flawless outings so far this Spring. Satterwhite has a SO/9 of 9.8, and a WHIP of 1.103. Satterwhite only gave up 3 home runs in 2014, and he has great control. If I was at the helm, Satterwhite would head north with the Mets.

18 Days…….


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