Mets question-marks heading into Spring Training

1. Calling all Lefties

Remember when people were criticizing Sandy Alderson for not signing a lefty in the Winter? I do. And they are back. With the Mets not signing a left handed relief pitcher, the Mets have no left handed depth in their bullpen. The four possible candidates have not been good at all this Spirng. Here are their names and their respective ERA’s: Sean Gilmartin (10.38), Dario Alvarez (10.80), Jake Leathersich (12.27) and Scott Rice (12.27). Your not reading the numbers wrong. None of the four candidates have an ERA under 10. For those who are wondering, Buddy Carlyle has had the best Spring. Pitching to a 0.00 ERA, and while it’s only 5 exhibition games, it’s nice to see an older veteran (who helped the Mets out in 2014) pitch with promise. I believe Gilmartin will go through, only because he was picked in the Rule 5 draft, which states that if the player is not on the Active MLB 25 Man Roster the whole season, he will be offered back to his original club, in this case, the Twins. None of the other players face this risk, so it makes sense to try out Gilmartin.

2. Gee or no Gee

This is so easy to me it’s hard to even call it a question mark. Gee has had a good Spring Training, and he is the only candidate with veteran experience for the fifth starter. Why even experiment on Montero? Montero hasn’t shown any control all Spring, pitching to a 13.50 ERA (albeit 2 games). In the past Montero has shown control issues, lack of stamina and lack of poise. Gee has thrived at one time or another in all three categories. The obvious answer is Gee.

Spring Training is rapidly ending, we have two weeks left, and two major issues to fix. If he Mets can figure out the answers to these two problems (and all sings say they will) then we should have a fun season. Lets Go Mets!Lets-go-Mets-2010


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